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In August 2013 we spent a month in Vanuatu shooting aerial images for the Vanuatu tourism office. It was an incredible trip in so many ways – we spent most of our time up in Santo on Aore and Ratua islands. Apart from the aerial shooting a big part of our trip was validating our systems in tropical conditions, this is an area where many have been struggling with high temperatures and humidity – through careful consideration of our system and payloads and with the use of detailed live telemetry we were able to manage our equipment very successfully. Our travel kit included 2 octocopters, 4 cameras, backup electronics, 2 charging stations, 20 lipoy batteries, laptop, hard drives, spares, tools. Total weight around 60KG.









SKYHOOK delivers premium aerial cinematography to the film, television and commercial industries. Our custom cinema drones incorporate state of the art stabilized camera mounts enabling incredibly smooth imagery with a point of view that is compelling in its intimacy with the subject.